Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Go Zipline! Celebrate!

Just Go Zipline! Celebrate!

Time to try something new and different!
Go to Forever Florida in St. Cloud, Fl and zip through the trees on an hour and a half adventure! We just returned and it was great! Stay overnight in St. Cloud at Lakeside Inn, a little place on the huge lake about 15 minutes from the Zipline and be ready for a 9am zip! Work your way through 7 ziplines and walk 2 swinging rope bridges connected by 9 observation platforms. There are 4700 acres of conservation and ranch lands to explore in the Coach Safari 2 hour Eco tour. Ride horseback for a 1 or 2 hour tour.
In the next month or so, there will be bicycling on hanging wires through the property. We'll be back!

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  1. wow, you really are very adventurous and a risk taker. I wish I could also do something like this and enjoy my life to. Someday I will also try something like this for sure.